Saturday, July 31, 2010

WHAT IS LOVE don't hurt me:


I'm just kidding about the above. Sort of.

I just wanted to reflect because I've been mentally involved in a heck of a lot of things lately (that's just a fancy way to say "I've been watching Pushing Daisies all day for the past three days and got my mind blown by Inception on Wednesday", the former of which definitely requires a fashion post due to Chuck's cherry-pie-sweet 50s/60s ensembles, and also to say "tomorrow is Vancouver's Pride Parade which certainly raises its own contemplations) and, very much, these many multiple things have me thinking about that infamous four letter word, love.

It's such a massive thing to even try and wrap our tiny human minds around so it's kind of surprising actually how often we do it in music, TV, literature. Funny that so much of our time and devotion to life is dedicated to a complicated thing that nobody ever quite understands. But I think it is understandable that so many of us spend time chasing this complicated thing, because after all, complicated things are the ones most often worth chasing.

Still, therein lies the problem: we spend so much time chasing love, as if it's some tricky butterfly we can somehow maneuver around to catch in a cleaned-out peanut butter jar. Magazines are plastered with headlines on how to catch happiness through finding your one true love, and (though I hate to always pin things on that very vague and stereotypically ominous "the media") the movies we watch and commercials we try to ignore extoll the virtues of finding love (often, in the second case, through the use of new aftershave or the purchase of a very expensive piece of jewellery). And there is no problem with wanting to feel loved. There is certainly no problem in wishing that the romance of The Notebook will seep from its pages into our own lives, though it certainly is incredibly unlikely. We script the movies and novels that motor our idea of love; people who need love like any other person are the ones who create that which we draw from.

Here are my love-related thoughts of the day (I say of the day because you can probably expect more on this topic: I always have thoughts on it, for the very reason that, as I said, it is incredibly complicated to talk about).

Love is not loud. It doesn't always shout or jump up and down in front of you; it is not so noticeable that you need run after it. Often, you find it in the least predictable places, and no number of teen magazines advising you on your love life and analyzing your horoscope will find you those places. Maybe you won't have to dust off your magnifying glass and start rooting around for love at all, because it will have been with you from the start. Love will not always make you happy; it will, very often, make you angry. But that doesn't mean it isn't love. And, well, you're right - love is forever. Just not always in one person.

And who is to say that you have to place all your bets on one kind of person? Love isn't a non-transferable bus ticket. Love (very much like an infectious airborne disease) is everywhere and (once you get near the end of the pandemic) in everyone.

But I think that's nearing an entirely different discussion.

much love (oh, the irony of my usual signature really aches with this post),


  1. "Love is not loud. It doesn't always shout or jump up and down in front of you; it is not so noticeable that you need run after it."
    So so true, and it is in the most unexpected places, and sometimes from the most unexpected one.

  2. I really like the part where you talk about love not being loud...that was a terrific observation. I have to is being comfortable, it is your best friend....
    p.s. the video was too funny.