Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I'm almost off for vacation! In only two days I'm going to be off on a plane completely to the other side of the world. Our itinerary is Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei, preceded by a one-day stopover in Shanghai. I've been counting down for days and bouncing on the pads of my feet in anticipation for months but now that it's finally here reality has been crashing down - I still have to finish packing and get school business settled for the moment before we leave! All things considered, August isn't the most convenient travel month considering that we arrive back in Vancouver only a week and a half before I start school at UBC, but at the moment all I'm preoccupied with is thinking of the fantastic deals I'm hoping to find in one of Asia's hugest city centers for shopping! (Materialistic? Perhaps. But I have spent a hack of a lot of time looking up fun things to do and try - I'm especially anticipating a trip to one of those fabled fish foot spas where tiny fish nibble at the dead skin on your feet. Sounds disgusting but like such a cool experience!)

Now if only I had gorgeous luggage to go with my exciting trip... I'm sharing one of those standard massive canvas luggage bags with my sisters and though it's convenient I can't help but wish I had some of the lovely, brightly-coloured vintage luggage that I've been seeing around lately... some of the below maybe?


Gorgeous, aren't they? The tennis racquet compartment on the very first bag is just adorable - too bad I don't actually play tennis (and have failed all attempts at learning... going from a badminton racquet to a much heavier and much wider tennis racquet is havoc on my brain!). The stickers and lucite handle on the yellow traincase are such a cool touch and I especially love the kid's hat box to the left and those lovely brightly-coloured luggage sets! I found all of these on Etsy and the listings are linked to the photos. I'm actually hoping to find a carryon bag similar to the light tan one above for school when it starts in September - but I suppose we'll see! I will hopefully squeeze in another entry before I leave so I will see you in a couple of days!

much love,

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  1. That sounds amazing...I am so jealous. I hope you'll have great photos to share!