Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hi everyone!

So it's been a week since I returned from vacation and to be honest I'm still not quite up for blogging yet. (I know, I know - I talk about committing to a blog and five posts later I'm already tired of it or something.) But the thing is, after spending three weeks fundamentally wireless it's a little hard for my attention span to focus on writing a blog entry that can even begin to justifiably illustrate all the wonderful things that happened on my vacation! It's hard to write anything, to be honest - even emails!

So I'm giving you a headsup that I'm going to spend a few more days adjusting back to my usual (ridiculous) level of internet usage and web browsing. I'm still gearing back up with some things to talk about including my amazing list of textbooks for school and some great things I've seen lately, but at the moment (sadly... feel free to snicker) all I can bring myself to really do on the internet is watch episodes of How I Met Your Mother (which I quite enjoy - check it out if you like Friends-style sitcoms!) and half-heartedly attempt to keep up with my regular internet activities.

I honestly never thought getting back on the grid would be so exhausting.

So, pictures up soon (I promise!) and more exciting things to come as soon as I get over this hump.

much love,

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